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Pond Maintenance

Ponds are NOT maintenance free! Filters need to be cleaned, plants need to be trimmed, work needs to be done. We understand if you don’t have the time to do it, that’s why we are here.  Whether it’s a one time clean out, or a regular bi-weekly maintenance, we can take care of your problems. Our professional maintenance technicians can prescribe the right treatment for your water feature. Call us today to schedule your consultation. 661-836-3825 We charge for the consultation, and you will get more than what you pay for when it comes to pond-knowledge.
Bi-Weekly Service
We keep it clean so that all you have to do is… enjoy it! Let us attend to the regular cleaning of the filters, trimming plants, and removing that nasty string algae so you don’t have to. We have the tools, and experience, to keep the pond looking great all year. Attending your water feature every other week means we don’t let problems go unnoticed, or unattended. Believe it or not… we like doing this kind of stuff… really.

Full Cleanout
Sometimes all your pond needs is just a good, thorough cleaning to get it back in balance. We do that too! Our Full Cleanout service is available year around, for as often as is needed for your water feature. We safely house the fish while we totally drain the pond and wash out all the accumulated muck and debris. Overgrown plants get trimmed and rocks are repositioned back over the liner as we tend to whatever else is needed. The fish get acclimated to their new home and we give you some great info on how you can enjoy your pond just a little more.

This is what we do…