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Our History

Buck’s began in 1994 as a bulk materials supplier for landscapers and gardeners in Bakersfield. Over the years we have expanded our line to include over 40 different bulk products with bulk pricing. We’ve also expanded our services to include delivery and installation as well.

In 2004 Buck Whitaker (Mayor of Pumpkin Center) shared his passion for water features by supplying a complete line of water feature products, fish and aquatic plants. We are the only one-stop pond shop in Kern County and we are growing!

Our Mission

We are the highest quality provider of landscape materials, landscape installation, pond supplies, water feature construction/repair, and pond maintenance, in the Southern San Joaquin Valley

Our Passion

Not all ponds are built the same and that’s ok. But every pond should be built right, and more importantly, right for you.  We are good at designing water features to fit your needs. Once built, we can keep it looking good all year so that you can just enjoy.

Our Facilities

We currently have 10 different water features, and several different landscape features set up here at our shop. These features have been designed to give you ideas, and inspiration for your own piece of paradise. Looking to see what will fit your budget? We can help you.